Recycle Fur

We source fur from ethically minded farms and encourage fur recycling. Through our meticulous manufacturing process, no piece of fur is wasted. Our eco-friendly mentality now expands to a new service available to you. We can recycle any valuable fur item you own and repurpose it into a modern fashion statement that enhances its value as a real investment piece. We will be happy to receive details of your fur items and apply our know-how on modernizing it based on your current needs. Please email us for more details on the process.

Customize/Personalize Fur

Our products from any of our collections can be customized in terms of color, measurements, and materials according to your preferences. Let us know your favorite colors for a pocket or other detail, and we will send you the range of available options. Give us your preferences on materials and we’ll advice you on possible adjustments. We really want to offer a unique product based on your style and personality. Even our most popular product codes come out in limited numbers and customized variations. Plus, we can personalize your FEEL GOOD FUR items through an advanced initialing service. The end product is the result of detailed consultation and definitely one-of-a-kind.